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We are excited to continue the legacy of Horse Science, started by Allie Hayes in the early 1990s. Allie started this company in order to provide the most anatomically correct equine educational models for the continued progression of the equine community. 


Caleb Bergeleen, CF, AFP-I

With over 20 years of farrier experience, Caleb is an active member of the farrier community. Caleb is a second-generation farrier, who began his work in 1993. In addition to completing certification for CF and APF-I, Caleb has established a therapeutic farrier practice in Texas. 


Jaret Pullen, DVM, APF-I

Jaret started his farrier business in 2003, and soon developed an interest in specialized therapeutic farrier work.  After sustaining a knee injury in 2012, he set out to become a veterinarian. Jaret completed his veterinary training at Cornell University. Jaret now works in the Northeast as an Equine Podiatrist. 


Sammy Pittman, DVM, CF

As both a veterinarian and farrier, Sammy is an equine podiatrist with a special interest in lameness and foot diseases such as laminitis, navicular syndrome, heel pain, thin soles, crushed heels, hoof punctures and trauma. Sammy completed his veterinary training at Oklahoma State University. 

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